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After a decade of development, Genzon has positioned itself as a service provider for high-tech industry. Concentrated on economic restructuring and upgrade in China, Genzon developed a number of industrial campuses for high-tech companies based upon the qualities of high-tech industry. In addition, Genzon operates and invests new materials, metal sheet and high-tech industries to explore values and establish an ecosystem.

It has gradually developed a business pattern to serve high-tech industry and leads in property management and industrial services. Genzon currently provide services to more than 3,000 tenants with over 300,000 staff in its commercial offices and campuses. These tenants are from Internet, fin-tech, TMT and other country supporting industries. All real estate projects are converged along Pearl River Delta and in high quality markets in Shenzhen and Guangzhou cities. Genzon will help companies grow by researching their needs, exploring potential values and providing utmost eco-spaces.

Industry Campus

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