Genzon Group
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Brand Concept

Ten years ago, GENZONers started their business with an entrepreneurial dream, following the concept of “Tracing to the Origin”. They maintained a strong mind and powerful leadership of keeping pace with the times in different stages of development. They pursued the highest ideology of “human-oriented” through continuous revolutions and constant innovations. They eventually finalized the value of GENZON brand, which is to create a remarkable value-based ecosphere. This unique ecosphere contains five core values, which are leadership-driven, endeavor to be perfect, keep innovating and value-based. It keeps improving and refreshing itself according to the development of the times.

Brand Positioning:Create a remarkable value-based ecosphere

Taking customers and market as the starting point, Genzon strives to integrate domestic and overseas resources, strengthens industrial interaction, and constantly builds and reconstructs the remarkable value-based ecosystem.

Brand Core Values:Leadership-driven, Endeavor to be Perfect, Keep Innovating, Value-Based



Leadership-driven” is the reason that Genzon continuously moves forward. 

“Endeavor to be perfect” is the goal that Genzon pursues. “Keep innovating” is the key that Genzon grasps opportunities.

“Value-based” is the principle that Genzon follows in its management.

Brand Slogan:Keep Innovating

Keep innovating” is the key to grasp the opportunities. To keep thinking and planning the future, Genzon always breaks through the conventional constraints and finds better solutions to bring customers greater value through innovation, and firmly holds the strategic opportunities for sustainable development.


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